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Contractor Starter Kit

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So what is CLRG’s Contractor Starter Kit? Is it just a simple box? Absolutely not, CLRG’s Contractor Starter Kit is the most complete and valuable package available for anyone looking to obtain their Contractor’s License. By far, the best guidance for any contractor looking to initiate their licensing process.

CLRG is the only school in California and the Nation to have a kit of this kind. Our Contractor Starter Kit will guide you in the steps needed to become a Licensed Contractor.

What Your Kit will Include:

  • Law and Business Study Book
  • 6 Law and Business Practice Exams with over 600 Questions to Prepare you for the Actual Exam. 
  • Law and Business Work Book (The only interactive Law workbook of its kind with actual hand written exercises).
  • Trade Book (Depending of your trade and what you do for a living, your trade book will match what your hands on work).
  • Trade Video (DVD) Lectures (Complete guidance through the entire trade book). 
  • 6 Trade Practice Exams with over 600 Questions to Prepare you for the Actual Exam. (One of the best parts of our program).
  • Health and Safety Booklet and Video Lecture
  • Math Review Video Lecture

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